Maff is taking place in 21st to 30th of September 2016. Our group of jewellers is getting bigger, better and more diverse!


Ivi Talzi

Kadi Kübarsepp

Merike Balod

Kätrin Beljaev

Sven Tali

Kristiina Kibe

Merilin Tõnisoja

Jaanika Pajuste

Kai Kubja

Kaire Rannik

Kerttu Tuberg

Katrin Veegen 

Margit Paulin

Eilve Manglus

Keiu Koppel 

Harry Tensing 

Kadi Veesaar

Triin Pukk

Maria Kadarpik 






Almost everyone knows about Matsalu

Nature Film Festival. It usually takes place

in the middle of September, when there´s

Autumn in the air. For this year the forecast

promises that summer lasts til´ then. Isn´t it


What a lot people doesn´t know, is that there

are lot of exciting additional events with the

film festival. SymBIOsis for example. 

What is it?

It is a fellowship of the jewellers, who once sat

down in a deserted holm in Läänemaa and

began to thought what would happen if we

would do an exhibition in Lihula? In this sleepy

Lihula, with a main street full of houses under

the heritage protection, filled with history, that

you can´t find from anywhere else in this

concentration. In a place that is crossed over by

endless flocks of birds, whose yelling wants to

pull along every listener. While listening the

aboriginal call of common crane, a little girl

disclosed a secret: “I don´t know why, but in

the Autumn I always have a wish to play a


Since Nature Film Festival was about to start,

we made a call to Tiit Mesila, and talked to

Maarja Jõevee and as we got the

encouragement from their side, we got to work.

If at first we thought that all this harmony in

nature is just like a symbiosis, it expanded to

humans and surprisingly we found a set “Bio”

from the word, that was just like a cherry on a

cake. SymBIOsis it will be, we though.

Exhibition was nice, no matter that we did it

with zero budget. Everyone just did what she

could, or got what she could get. We used

everything we had there. Everyone we asked,

helped. If there is no way, there´s a way, caused

such a feeling of freedom, that also reflected in

the outcome.

Jewelry is not just a ring of metal or a pair of

earrings. It isn´t necessarily ripen in fire and

acid as usual. You can just as easily stumble on

a jewelry. Oh, what a beautifully shaped rock!

You bow down to pick it up and find how good

it feels to hold it. And it shines. You´ll keep it

for years and decades in a box of important

things. Until one day You´ll meet an Artist, who

turns it into a brooch that You can wear by Your

heart. Because this is the place that it´s grown

into by that time.

You think what tainted house it is and how

beautiful could it have been once! You´ll slip in

from the broken window and discover a piano

that has been thrashed broken. Your heart

shrinks in pain and You´ll return some time

later. You approach the piano carefully and

find a frog. How did this creature get here on

the grand piano? Animal had pulled its lungs

full of air, opened its mouth and raised its little

hands… but pianist didn´t come.

Artist stored the voiceless singer forever in the

bronze. Only then she remembered, that she

too can play the piano.

What rusty hoop is this, a confused visitor asks

from herself. Nonsense! Waste of time! And

takes a quick round in the exhibition chamber.

Artist observes her from the distance and steps

beside her asking: would You like to listen the

stories? Yes, I would love to, she answers with a

smile. And so we start the tour again: this rusty

hoop in here is actually a nail that has been

electroformed to get taller and taller and later

processed with chemistry. The rusty look, that

would take years to happen in the nature, is the

result of few weeks work in the laboratory…

This jumble in here is Milky Way. A fragile

necklace that has garnets submerged in silver

tied into horsehair. And this one in here is been

made on a large lathe by a fragile girl… and this

artist aches heart for the forests in Estonia.

The visitor thanks and says: “I´m so glad that I

came here – it’s the best exhibition I´ve ever


Sun gives the room a golden light and clean

crisp Autumn is flooding in from the opened


Let´s meet in Matsalu Nature Film Festival, in

the 2nd floor Hall.

17 th til´20 th of September 2015 from 11:00 to

18:00. Opening on 16 th of September at 17:00.

  Eilve Manglus
  Margit Paulin
  Keiu Koppel
  Kadi Kübarsepp 
  Anneli Oppar
  Kai Kubja
  Harry Tensing
  Elo Uibokand
  Fred Truus
  Ivi Talzi
  Viktoria Lillemets
  Vello Lillemets
  Kertu Tuberg
  Merilin Tõnisoja


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