Mostly I’ve been affected by being alone and with time to be alone. Regardless the unlimited free time, I’ve started to notice the rapid loss of time. Difficult situations - and they do happen too - have made me notice the importance of human relations. The priorities of things have changed - most important is to survive. Things, materiality, titles… all of it is somewhere behind.

I’m happy that we live.

I’m happy that we’re healthy. 

I’m happy if we’re able to be together.

The theme of the death - and I have to say that i am  not a morbid person - took me to old photographs, and those to even older ones. I was taken back to a Victorian times. To the grief. These photos were so beautiful, so painful that heart wanted to break from it. I created a jewellery series Memento Mori: Love. Grief. Till death do us apart.

In retrospect I understand that creating an adornment was also a ritual. With this series I’ve lost the fear of ageing and of death. 

I understood how wonderful it is to live in these times. To live with these people. To remember the same times. To leave when the time has come. 

Life is beautiful.