Date of birth  24. 04. 1978





2013  Estonian Academy of Arts

department of Jewellery and blacksmithing,


2009 Tallinn Pedagogical College,

Teacher of arts

2000 Tallinn Pedagogical College,

 Estonian philology

1997 Lihula Gymnasium



Courses and training classes

2018 Mainor

2017 Atelier Wieneke, Cologne

2014 Determination of precious metal alloys,

sample chamber

Determination of diamonds, gemologist Tatjana

Muhhamedjanova, Metrosert

Hõbesavi, Ltd. Eksole

2013 Masterclass of Bettina Speckner;

masterclass of Tarja Tuupanen;

Harold O´ Connor,  granulation

2012 Training in the stuudio of Rolf Pachel

2012 Enameltehniques Plique a Jour etc.

Jewel grinding

2011 Fine emboss, Krista Laos



Creative activities


2015 Team member in Matsalu Film festival.

Curator of group-exhibition SymBIOsis.

2015 Jewellery exhibition in Lihula Mansion for

music festival for Järvis

2014 Satellite-exhibition „SymBIOsis“ for

Matsalu Nature Film Festival.

2012 “Etudes” in Tallinn City Theatre





toimuv-ehtenaitus- sumbioos-toob-

vaatajateni-ullatusi- ja-muinaslugusid/

 2014 Maff photo exhibitions and festival


maffi-fotonaitused- ja-filmifestivali- avamine/





Estonian – native language

English - beginner communication level

German – communicative skills, good

writing skills



Something introducory


I like things with history – as a long-time hobby

I´ve worked with antique jewellery. I´m also

into pieces of furniture and other parts of

interior design. I could spend hours in antique-,

tool- and construction stores. I am an esthete

and in some cases pedantic.

I have the courage and passion to stand up for

the things that I love.